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Safe Environment Training

Training for Adults

Who Must Be Trained?

Only those persons who fall into one of two categories:

  1. All employees of the diocese, a parish or a school.

  2. Volunteers with routine contact with minors. This includes only those volunteers who have routine contact with minors as an essential part of their regular volunteering duties. 

How Do I Get Trained?

As of July 1, 2017, the Diocese of Little Rock uses CMG Connect, a safe environment training program developed by our risk management company, Catholic Mutual Group (CMG). The background check is run based on the information entered into CMG Connect. For the background check, please note that the information you provide online is encrypted and cannot be shared with anyone else, and no paper copies are retained.

What If I Have Already Been Trained?

No one who has already done safe environment training and a background check will have to re-do anything at this time. Users who are scheduled for a five-year recertification will be notified how to do that by their parish/school safe environment coordinator.

Training for Youth/Children

Circle of Grace

All dioceses in the United States are required to provide safe environment training for children and youth. This is not “sex education.” Rather, it is age-appropriate information for children and youth so they can know how to help create safe environments for them, and what to do when they feel that a certain environment is not safe.

For our children and youth, our diocese uses Circle of Grace, a program developed by the Archdiocese of Omaha and endorsed by Catholic Mutual Group. For more information about the Circle of Grace program, please contact your local parish or school safe environment coordinator.

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