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Advisory Boards

Parish Council

The Parish Council is an advisory body for the pastor. The Parish Council has up to 10 seats; members are elected for a three-year term. The elections are held in May, and two or three elected members rotate off each year. Up to one-third of the councilcan be appointed by the pastor for a one-year term. (Term expiration dates are noted in parentheses.)

Rafael Mérida (2025), Chairperson
Amy Knight (2024), Vice-Chairperson
Steve Murray, Finance Council Liaison

Sarah Dean (2024)
Jack Otten (2026)
Veronica Razo (2024)
Cindy Stophlet (2024)
Ria O´Neal (2026)

Andrew Baltz (2026)

Paula Thiessen (Appointed) Core Team Liaison

ex officio: Fr. Jason Tyler,  Dc. Jason Pohlmeier,  Paul Warren


Finance Council

The Finance Council conducts the ordinary and extraordinary finances of the church. Members advise the pastor on the church budget and extraordinary financial matters. The pastor appoints all members.

Michael Baumann, Steve Murray, Lindsey Tarvin, and Wes Adams

ex officio:  Fr. Jason Tyler, Dc. Jason Pohlmeier, Paul Warren, Johanna Castillo

Core Team

Our parish building committee is charged with the planning and implementation of future construction projects to meet the demands of our growing parish, with the next project to hopefully be a new free-standing Church.

Paula Thiessen (Chair), Al Baltz, Laurie Brady, Celestine Eichler, Pete Heinzelmann, Bob Kelly, Bob Mahler, Heath Rheay, Richard Welcher, Fr. Jason Tyler, Dc. Jason Pohlmeier, Paul Warren

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