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Mass Stipends: Please send cash or check directly to our receptionist. For the moment, we do not take Mass Stipends through Online Giving. Thank you!

Support the Church

King David was known as a "man after God's own heart," and deep in his heart he desired to build a house fitting for the Lord.  He said,

"Here I am living in a house of cedar, while the ark of God dwells in a tent"

(2 Samuel 7:2)

It would not, however, be King David but rather his son, Solomon, who built God's Temple in Jerusalem.  We, too, often feel that desire to give God the best we have, and one way is by contributing to the construction and maintenance of God's house, His Church.  May we burn with the same desire as David: to build something beautiful and befitting the Lord of heaven and earth! 

Do you remember how 2 Samuel 7 continues?  God replies to David by saying that He would build David a house -- a dynasty -- that would reign forever.  When we give to the support of the Church, we soon discover that it is God who builds us up into a living Temple to His Glory and Honor!

Thank you for your support; may God reward you many times over.



A familiar saying goes, "Time is money."  Indeed, our time is often MORE valuable than money.  We know your time is precious and so we highly cherish your input and involvement in church life.  Throughout the website, in both the church and school, you'll find rewarding ways to give back to God the gifts you have received.  Be generous!



Anyone who has looked around at Mass here has immediately noticed that the talent pool here is "wide and deep."  We encourage you to investigate the numerous activities and outreach opportunities here at St. Joseph, but also to discover your own gifts and talents and put them at the service of others.  Discover why Jesus said,

"It is more blessed to give than to receive"

(Acts 20:35)



As much as we'd like to think angels come down from heaven and pay our bills every month, they don't.  We rely on the generosity of our parishioners and benefactors to keep the lights on, and the ministries operating.  We don't want to "brow-beat" our parishioners or guilt them into giving, rather we remember what St. Paul said,

"God loves a cheerful giver"

(2 Cor. 9:7)

Give with a smile to the following needs of our parish:



As a general rule, every Catholic should give 10% (traditionally called a "tithe") of gross income to church or charity.  We encourage you to give to charitable causes, but don't forget to support your local parish.

St. Joseph provides "church envelopes" for the various collections we take up at Mass.  You should receive your envelopes within a few months after you register.  Please contact Paul Warren, Director of Church Operations, if you have not received your envelopes.

St Joseph Church recommends Our Sunday Visitor (OSV) Online Giving as a way to regularize your offering, which allows the parish to count on donations on a regular basis. Participants manage the frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly or one time), the amount, and the method (Bank Draft or Credit Card - VISA/MC/Discover). Participants can continue their envelopes or elect to stop them, saving postage and paper.  Participants may also continue to receive envelopes, checking the 'I give online box' to put in the collection basket each week.

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