Emergencies and Prayer Requests



Please try to avoid emergencies by keeping Fr. Tyler apprised of illnesses in your family. We hope to be able schedule an Anointing of the Sick.

If you have a true "life and death" emergency, please use the Emergency Paging System:

  • Call 479-442-0890
  • Listen for the prompt for the Emergency Paging System. You will be instructed to press "5". 
  • Leave your message
  • You should receive a call from someone at St. Joseph within 20 minutes

Activate the Emergency Phone Tree

If you have an emergency prayer request, call Claudette Warren, 442-7965; Ann Covey, 575-9497. Lucy Morlet will take calls in Spanish at 442-0890 x254 during office hours. Your call will activate our emergency phone prayer tree.


Prayer Requests

Believing that prayer is a powerful tool, we encourage mutual prayer.

Add a Name to the Prayer List in the Bulletin

If you would like to request prayers from the community by way of the parish bulletin, please call Lydia at 479-442-0890 x202 or email . Messages received after Tuesday, will not be included in the upcoming bulletin, but the name will go on the list and be seen in the bulletin in the next possible issue.

Names automatically stay on the list for four weeks. Because of the number of names, please call or email again to keep a name on the list. While we really don't like taking names off of the list without knowing the current needs, we just can't keep up with all of the names. Thank you for understanding.

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