Special Services

Title 1

The purpose of Title I is to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high quality education.  Title I services are provided to St. Joseph School through the area public school districts, using federal funding.  These services are available to St. Joseph School because students from Title I schools across Northwest Arkansas attend our school.

The main focus of Title I is to help students succeed in reading, thus enabling them to succeed in the classroom.  Students who need extra help in reading are referred by classroom teachers, and extra time for reading instruction is provided by the Title I program. When time allows students may also get assistance in math.


Special Education

Federal guidelines under IDEA require the local school district in which a private school is located to conduct Child Find, in which students with disabilities can be identified through testing and observation.  The local school district is required to provide a proportionate share of federal funding to meet the needs of students in private schools. 


Speech/Language Therapy

Students who have been identified through the Fayetteville School District as eligible for Speech/Language Therapy receive services at school during the school day. 


Special Education

Currently only Speech/Language services are available; each year the private school administrators consult with the Fayetteville School District to determine how the proportionate share of federal funds will be used to meet the needs of students in private schools.  Fayetteville is allowed to spend local money as well to meet the needs of students in private schools; however, it is not required to by law.

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