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Our classroom uses "Adventures in Learning" curriculum.  Adventures in Learning uses four major categories:  learning environment, program of activities, assessment and families.  We enhance this curriculum with a preschool religion program, Stories of God's Love.

We use center-based learning as the primary source of curriculum. The children will be given opportunities throughout the day to "play" in these centers for blocks of time no less than 45 minutes and no more than 60 minutes.


  •   Library
  •   Dramatic Play/Home Living
  •   Art
  •   Blocks
  •   Sensory
  •   Toys and Games
  •   Math
  •   Writing
  •   Science
  •   Quiet Space
  •   Outdoors

PK3 trikeChildren will be encouraged to choose their own centers, and the majority of what they will learn this year will take place in these centers!

Our goal is to create a foundation for language and literacy learning. We use the PreK ELLA (Early Literacy Learning in Arkansas) program, which provides the tools and resources for developing a balanced literacy program in our classroom. A balanced literacy program for three and four year olds is characterized by meaningful listening, speaking, reading and writing experiences and activities that provide children with both the skills and the desire to become proficient lifelong learners.

The children will also have the opportunities each day to learn through hands-on exploration.PK3 snow

In addition to the curriculum, learning centers, balanced literacy program, and hands-on exploration, the children will participate in both small and large group instruction.

Special Classes attended weekly:

  • Art
  • Music
  • Library
  • Spanish

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