Academic Overview

St. Joseph School Academic Overview and Statement of Philosophy

St. Joseph Catholic School will focus on development of the whole person: spiritually, intellectually, personally, socially, and physically, as the focus of Catholic education. Within this framework, St. Joseph Catholic School seeks to offer a high quality academic program to instill Christian values, to encourage each student to become a lifelong learner, and to equip each student to be a responsible citizen of today’s world. This will be accomplished through a strong basic curriculum, with the beliefs and traditions of the Catholic Church integrated throughout the days learning.

The faculty and staff of St. Joseph Catholic School are committed to foster the development of each student in a Christ-centered environment through the following means:

  • To specifically teach Catholic principle and Christian values.
  • To offer personal experiences in Christian living through liturgy, sacramental life, prayer, guidance and example.
  • To encourage each student to develop a sense of worth, helping him/her to identify and develop his/her unique gifts and capabilities.
  • To promote academic skills and concepts to broaden and enrich the student’s experience in today’s and tomorrow’s world.
  • To develop students academically in an environment of educational excellence.
  • To form citizens who contribute positively and responsibly now and in the future.
  • To collaborate with parents, who are the primary educators of their children.

St. Joseph School, as part of the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Little Rock, seeks to offer high quality academic programs. The curriculum of the Pre-K to Junior High School programs meets, and in most cases exceeds, the guidelines set forth by the Diocese of Little Rock and the State of Arkansas. The school administrators and teachers assess the effectiveness of the curriculum and update it as needed. As a result, a large percentage of St. Joseph graduates appear on honor rolls and emerge as class leaders as they continue their academic pursuits.

St. Joseph School uses Christian values as a basis for our educational foundation. Some of the basic skills learned are excellent communication, creative and logical problem solving, responsible decision making and creativity. To develop self-discipline, we encourage each student to be enthusiastic about learning and to achieve a strong sense of self worth through good choices and meeting goals.

Our mission is to instill in our students a reverence for God, a respect for all life forms, service to the community and academic excellence.


St. Joseph Catholic School follows the curriculum of the Diocese of Little Rock entitled In Spirit and Truth.  

For information on grade level curriculum and skills as well as materials used, view those individual pages on our website.

Accredited by ANSAA Arkansas Nonpublic School Accrediting Association

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