Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade Faculty

Mr. Anderson Social Studies

Miss Ratliff Language Arts and Literature

Mrs. Polach Math 

Mrs. Tice Religion and Science



ReadingReading 5

Text: Treasures The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. 2011

Primary units: Short stories; Novel studies (Historical Fiction); Non-Fiction; Drama; Fairy Tales; Folk Tales; Poetry; Science Fiction; Book Clubs.

Skills taught: main ideas/details; drawing conclusions; inferred meaning; critical thinking; author purpose; writing styles; vocabulary; listening (comprehension and retention); characters; setting; problem/solution; elements of poetry; theme; compare/contrast; summarizing; outlining; public speaking.

Teaching methods and resources used: Accelerated Reader Program; Basal Reader; Novel Studies; Collaborative Book Clubs; Public Poetry Readings.

Language ArtsGrade 5 LA

Text: Harcourt Brace Language

Primary units: Sentences; Nouns; Verbs; Pronouns; Adjectives; Adverbs; Prepositions

Skills taught: poetry; creative writing; paragraph structure; 6+1 Traits of Writing; figurative language.

Teaching methods and resources used: Daily Language Review; lecture; class discussion; teacher generated materials; peer reveiws.

SpellingSpelling 5

Text: Vocabulary in Action

Skills taught: alphabetizing; sentence writing; vocabulary development; use of context clues; pronunciation; prefixes; suffixes; synonyms; antonyms.

Teaching methods and resources used: Spelling Bees; daily homework; spelling games and tests

MathematicsMath 5

Text: Saxon Mathematics. Saxon Mathematics Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company 2012







Social StudiesSS text 5

Text: The United States: Making a New Nation

Primary units: First Americans; Indian cultures of North America; Age of European Exploration; New World empires; Colonial America; The American Revolution; New nation and government; Westward exploration and settlement; Slavery; Civil War; and Reconstruction.

Skills taught: current events; elections; citizenship and leadership; economic theory; maps; time-lines; graph and chart skills; geography and climate of North America; identifying cause and effect; classification of information; utilization and evaluation of reference materials; predicting outcomes; decision making; writing as a fundamental mode of learning; discussion as a mode of learning.

Teaching methods and resources used: lecture; class discussion; assignments from text; group projects, peer tutoring; tests; research reports; field trips; videos; music tapes; art projects; maps; charts; bulletin boards; newspapers and periodicals; computer resources; geography games; teacher generated materials

ScienceScience 5

Text: MacMillan McGraw Hill Science 2005

Primary units: Properties of Matter and Energy and the different forms; Newton’s Laws of Motion; Laws of Gravity; Travel of Sound Waves and Light Energy; Earth’s Resources; Forces that contribute to Weathering and Erosion; Rock and Land Form Formation; Exploration of Oceans and other Bodies of Water; Characteristics and Classifications of Living Things; Interactions of Living Things in the Environment; Earth’s Biomes.

Skills taught: scientific process; interpreting data; observing; recognizing relationships; predicting outcomes; cooperative learning; classifying information; use of resource materials; identifying cause and effects; use of lenses; microscopes; periodic tables; and scales

Teaching methods and resources used: lecture; experiments; class discussion; projects; peer tutoring; science activities; field trips; guest speakers; videos; games; research; teacher generated tests; quizzes; chart/graphs; computer resources; supplementary text worksheets

ReligionReligion 5

TextBe My Disciples RCL Benziger: 2014.


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