Clergy and Staff

Ordained Clergy

Fr. Elisha Noel Dc. Bud Baldwin Dc. Marcelino "Lino" Vazquez

Fr. Jason Tyler


Fr. Elisha Noel

Associate Pastor



Dc. Bud Baldwin


Dc Lino Vazquez


Ministry Staff

Jim Weir Lucy Morlet

Jason Pohlmeier

School Principal

Maria Vazquez

Faith Formation

Jim Weir

Youth Ministry

Lucy Morlet

Parish Life


 Mrs.Linda Kelly

Music & Liturgy

Lupe Lopez

Asst. Faith Formation 

Beth McClinton

Adult Formation



Administrative Staff 

Lydia Worden Johanna Castillo Cathy Long

Paul Warren

Church Operations

Lydia Worden

Office Manager

Johanna Castillo


Megan Sturgeon

Finance Manager

Cathy Long

Admin Assistant

Building Staff

Barbara Wragg Eliot Wragg John Stephens

Advisory Boards

Parish Council

Finance Council 

School Board 



Phase II Core Team 

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