Advisory Boards


Advisory Boards

Parish Council

Finance Council

School Board

School Finance Committee

St. Joseph School Endowment Fund

Parent Teacher Organization

Phase III Core Team


Parish Council

The Parish Council is an advisory body for the pastor. The Parish Council has up to 10 seats; members are elected for a three-year term. The elections are held in May, and two or three elected members rotate off each year. Up to one-third of the council can be appointed by the pastor for a one-year term. (Term expiration dates are noted in parentheses.)

Laurie Brady (2019) Secretary

Joe Beffa (2017)

Mark Elser (Appointed) Finance Council Liaison

Gonzalo Leon (2018)

Pat McGee (Appointed) Core Team Liaison

Jim Stowe (2018)

Rich Oloffson (2018)

Mark Scalise (2017) Chair

Tony Sherman (2017) Vice-Chair

ex officio: Fr. Jason Tyler,  Jason Pohlmeier,  Paul Warren



Finance Council

The Finance Council conducts the ordinary and extraordinary finances of the church. Members advise the pastor on the church budget and extraordinary financial matters. The pastor appoints all members.

David Bordovsky (Chair), Chris Bednar, Mark Elser

ex officio:  Fr. Jason Tyler, Jason Pohlmeier, Paul Warren, Megan Sturgeon


School Board

The School Board is a consultative board, consisting of no fewer than five (5) and no more than nine (9) voting members. A majority of the members are to be parents with children enrolled in the school. One or more representatives may be elected from the parishioners who do not have children in the school. The School Board advises the pastor and principal on matters pertaining to policies, budget, and the selection of the principal for the school. The Board follows the guidelines adopted by the Diocesan Board of Education and approved by the bishop. Each member is elected for a three (3)-year staggered term with elections held each spring. (Term expiration dates are noted in parentheses.)

Bethany Atchley (2017)

Matt Bishop (2018)

Jenny Brandt (2017)

Rivelino De Icaza (2018)

Jeffery Dean (2018) - Secretary

Jessica Dearnley (2018)

Erica Erck (2017)

Michelle Sexton (2018)

Patrick Wolf (2017) - President

ex officio: Fr. Jason Tyler, Jason Pohlmeier



School Finance Committee

The School Finance Council advises the pastor and principal on matters of school finance. The finance council meets monthly to review the financial status of our Catholic School and plan for the long-term financial needs of the school.

Mike Baumann, Jessica Dearnley (Liaison to School Board), Susan Upchurch

ex officio: Fr. Jason Tyler, Jason Pohlmeier, Megan Sturgeon



St. Joseph School Endowment Fund

The endowment uses its annual earned income to supplement the school’s budget and enhance curricula. It is operated and administered by five trustees including the pastor and four appointed trustees.

Keith Morrison (Chair), Tameron Bishop, Jon Kathol, Fr. Jason Tyler, Becky Zimmerman

ex officio: Jason Pohlmeier



Parent Teacher Organization

The PTO sponsors programs which help our school earn money for needed equipment and supplies. Each year the PTO schedules the Fiesta and Silent Auction, our major fundraising event. They also organize one of the favorite events of the year: St. Joseph Catholic School Fall Fest. The PTO participates in Scrip, Box Tops for Education, Campbell Soup Labels, and many other events that support the work of the classroom teachers.

Adriana Stacey (President), Ashley Menendez (Vice President), Molly Davidson (Secretary), Sarah Madigan (Treasurer).



Core Team

Our parish building committee is charged with the planning and implementation of future construction projects to meet the demands of our growing parish, with the next project to hopefully be a new free-standing Church.

Paula Thiessen (Chair), Bokie Cleghorn, Teresa Baker, David Bordovsky, Laurie Brady, Pete Heinzelmann, Bob Kelly, Bob Mahler, John Strack, Richard Welcher, Fr. Jason Tyler, Jason Pohlmeier, Paul Warren


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