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  4. A Sacred Place (Oct. 30, 2016)
  5. A Stream Runs Through It (Nov. 6, 2016)
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The buildings and property we enjoy have been given to us by God.  Through responsible stewardship, we maintain, increase and pass them on to future generations for God to continue to bless us.  It is the responsiblity of each member of our parish family to help in this stewardship.  In so doing, yours are the hands and feet that help us maintain these gifts, through volunteer group cleanups and individual acts of care. Yours are the eyes which watch over us - if you see something that needs more attention than you can provide, please let  the know.   

Chapel Center & Education Facility (2002)

DeBriyn Center (2012)  

DeBriyn Center Donor's List & Acknowledgement

Construction Update


Natural Playground Project

Sports Field

West Wing Playground

Native Grassland/Undeveloped Property


Chapel Center & Education Facility (2002)

Upper Floor        Lower Floor2002 Chapel Center

The Chapel Center and Education Facility was the initial phase to relocate the parish from our previous location on Lafayette (see History) Completed in 2002 at a cost of $5,234,198, this 46,600 ft2 facility includes our Chapel Center, which seats 550; two folding walls open to Corry Hall (cafeteria) and the Youth Room to increase capacity to 999.

Our Education Facility provides room for our ongoing ministries which include St. Joseph School (3 years - 7th Grade), Religious Education & Formation for children, youth and adults, Praise and Worship, Adoration, fraternal groups, Fundraising events and much more!  There's always something going on...   

DeBriyn Center (2012)

Upper Floor Layout         Lower Floor Layout        

DeBriyn Center Groundbreaking - Fr. John Antony, Norm & Caroline DeBriyn

The Norm and Caroline DeBriyn Center was conceived following the payoff of the Chapel Center in October 2007.  The parish's growth from 1100 families in 2002 to 1625 by 2009 dictated the need for more meeting space and a larger gathering space.  Budgeted at $3,000,000, this 20,780ft2 Center will provide a dynamic and flexible space for any number of parish activities–social, educational, and spiritual–for all members of our church community, as well as enhance the scope and variety of the educational experiences for our school students.

The Phase II Core Team is excited to share our progress with you on the new Norm and Caroline DeBriyn Family Life Center.  Once completed in February 2012, the DeBriyn Center will house our Art and Music rooms, four (4)  Meeting/ Classrooms, Offices, a catering/ serving area, Lobby and an Activity Center for sports (basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, PE, etc) and receptions/large gatherings. 

Groundbreaking was held on April 4, 2011!  The design is by architects Hight-Jackson Associates, PA of Rogers with Commerce Construction as our general contractor.  At 20,780 square foot this $3,000,000 addition will offer the needed space and options for many of our expanding ministries.   For information please contact Paul Warren

More Groundbreaking photos


Construction Update  

Activity Center - Empty - Activity Center -...


The Norm and Caroline DeBriyn Family Life Center is COMPLETE!

We received our Certificate of Occupancy from the City of Fayetteville.  Dedication was held on Tuesday, February 21, 2012 with Bishop Anthony B. Taylor presiding.



More Interior Photos



Who So Generously Helped Build the

Norm & Caroline DeBriyn Activity Center.

This Center Is A Reality Because of You. May All Who Use This Space Remember You in their Prayers, Sportsmanship and Fellowship, and



Watch to see the 'construction in action'! : 

 Part 1      Part 2      Part 3      Part 4


Natural Playground Project     Design Layout

Our playgrounds have been developing over time, primarily through the St. Joseph School PTO.  Our current project is a 'natural' playground in the lower play area.

 " these kinds of places the experience of the natural world becomes an intrinsic part of the child who experiences it...naturalistic elements can be woven together to create a variety of physical and mental challenges while at the same time giving children the experience of immersion in the natural world."  

David Slawson, Childrens' Adventure Garden, Garvan Gardens, Hot Springs.

While designing the Children's Adventure Garden, a child development/environmental education expert from St. Paul, MN, came and gave input on what children really need. She said most playgrounds are, unfortunately, created out of an adult's often mistaken idea of what stimulates children to play (for example, the use of bright primary colors and plastic molded features such as dinosaurs), but in reality the children are bored after 15 minutes. She showed pictures, and told us children were so fascinated by a hill of dirt dumped sometime in the past, with small trees growing out of it and a few haphazard rocks to climb on, that they stayed there playing for hours.

Sport Fields

The lower sport fields were constructed in the summer of 2007 when an opportunity for the earth being removed from a development on Mission Blvd (across from Westwood Gardens) arose.  A few hundred truckloads of earth were dumped and leveled.  Irrigation was installed, bermuda seeded and three years later, we have some very nice practice/play fields.  For more information contact Paul Warren.

West Wing Playground 

Constructed for our younger children, this play area has developed over the years. In 2002, while the Chapel Center was under construction, the main equipment was placed.  This caused some water issues, so a french drain was installed.  A couple years later, the canopy was erected for shade.  A few years more, and the concrete trike area was poured.  Water continued to be an issue until 2008 when additional drains were installed and concrete was poured.  In 2011 the geodome and a donated tike toy were added.  

Native Grassland/Undeveloped Property

The parish owns the property to the east across the creek.  Two Eagle Scout bridges cross the creek to the undeveloped 7 acres bounded by trees and covered in native grasses, blackberries and wild flowers.

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