2016-17 Gap Campaign

2016-2017 Annual Fund | Gap Campaign

100% participation to reach our $85,000 goal.  Every gift counts!


Mind the gap!

If you have ever ridden the subway in a major city, you have
probably heard the phrase “mind the gap!” This is meant to remind riders of the space between the train and the platform and the danger it can cause if ignored.  At St. Joseph we also have a gap that must never be ignored.

What is the gap?

This gap is the difference between our tuition rate and the actual cost required to educate a student.  The amount that we ask families to pay in tuition is on average $2,000 less per student than the amount we must spend to maintain the exceptional level of education offered at St. Joseph.  Our local public schools spend more than $10,000 per student. Other private schools in the area routinely have higher tuition than St. Joseph as well. The average tuition charged for one student to attend St. Joseph Catholic School is around $4,000 per year.  Despite this much more modest budget, we have continued to provide an extraordinary education for our students.

  • Structure and discipline of the Catholic educational tradition
  • Student to teacher ratio—8:1; Average class size—14
  • Average of 13+ years teaching experience per teacher with 8 graduate degrees
  • Nationally recognized academic program with accelerated math, science, and reading curricula
  • Band, choir, art, Spanish, PE, library, and technology classes; Recess in all grades
  • Class sets of iPads and laptops; One-to-one device program in junior high
  • Title I services, personalized education plans, Succeed Scholarship participant
  • 93% of students participate in extracurricular activities
  • Thriving athletic program with inclusive and successful sports teams
  • Proven success of our graduates in academics, athletics, and careers

All in a values-rich environment guided by our Catholic faith!

Each year through donations and fund raising our parish and school community strives to cover the gap between the tuition charged and the actual cost of educating our students. While we are proud of the successes we can accomplish on a limited budget, it creates a clear challenge for our school. 

What can I do to “mind the gap”?

We believe that every member of the St. Joseph community can make a meaningful contribution to this gap campaign.  Please prayerfully consider what gift will be possible for your family.  Maybe your family has been financially blessed, and you can help a family in need cover some or all of their $2,000 discount.  Last year’s donations ranged from $5-$10,000. 

Every contribution, whether large or small, can change the life of a student.  Already 100% of the school board members and 100% of the school faculty have contributed to closing the gap, and all expenses for the campaign have been covered.  Our financial goal is $85,000 to surpass last year as the best year of donations ever at St. Joseph.  We would love to see 100% of our school families contribute and be joined by a large number of generous contributors from the parish and all around the St. Joseph community. 



Thank you for your generous support.


Rev. Jason Tyler, Pastor 

Jason Pohlmeier, Principal





What is purpose of this campaign?

The purpose of the Gap Campaign is to help bridge the gap between the actual cost of educating our students and the income we receive from tuition. Tuition covers only 62% of the total costs at St. Joseph Catholic School. Through the Annual Fund, families can make a tax-deductible donation and help St. Joseph raise the additional operating funds necessary to meet the needs of our students.

When and how will gifts be used?

The Gap Campaign supports the current fiscal year's operating budget and provides the essentials that make St. Joseph an extraordinary school.  When you give, you can be sure your gift is helping the school right now!

What’s the difference between this and other fundraisers?

The most significant difference is the return for your dollar.  Gap Campaign expenses are minimal (printing costs, postage, and credit card fees), and almost all of your giving will go directly to the school.  Because there is such little overhead, no other fundraiser can have as meaningful of an impact on the students as direct giving.

How important is my participation?

Everyone is needed and every gift is important.  The success of St. Joseph School is a testament to the support of every family who walks through our doors.  100% of the faculty and school board have already contributed to the Annual Fund.  Our goal for school families is also 100% participation.  Support of the parishioners and other friends of St. Joseph is invaluable as well.  Whether you can give $10 or $10,000, your gift will make an impact on the lives of our students.

How can I give?

In whatever way is the most beneficial to you!  The most common ways are listed on the reverse side of this card.  However, many people are able to give through donating stock, corporate matching, or other means.  Some families choose to add to their existing tuition draft.  If you would like to give through means not listed on this card, please call Megan Sturgeon at 479-442-4554.    

More Questions? Contact Jason Pohlmeier at 479-442-4554 or 

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